NEXI Board management console

NEXI Board management console

The price of the NEXI Board management console is included in the price of the NEO virtual desktop devices. The customer receives a licence for the number of users equal to the number of NEO virtual desktop devices purchased. 

Thanks to the NEXI Board management console, the teacher gets full control over the entire class and the teaching process becomes significantly more efficient.

Features of the NEXI Board management console for teachers:

  • the ability to transfer the teacher's screen to monitors of the students
  • the ability to share a student's screen with other students in the class
  • the ability to take control of the student's NEO device from the teacher's seat
  • disconnecting, logging out, logging in, restarting the NEO devices by the teacher
  • the ability to send messages to students

Other features:

  • blocking USB inputs on the NEO device
  • complete disabling/enabling of the Internet on NEO devices
  • complete disabling/enabling of social networks on NEO devices
  • advanced file (assignment) sharing options for students
  • easy deletion of downloaded files and desktop clean-up on NEO devices
  • a simple way to collect results from the student NEO devices
  • compatibility with Windows Server 2022 OS

The NEXI Board management console is available in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Czech and Slovak. We are continuously adding other language versions.

If you are interested in purchasing the entire NEXINEO ICT classroom, choose the NEXI GO ICT classroom for graphically undemanding applications, or the NEXI GO Performance for more graphically demanding applications.

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