NEXI GO Performance server

NEXI GO Performance server

Buying just the NEXI GO Performance server itself is ideal if you have already purchased NEO virtual desktop devices and want to upgrade your NEXINEO ICT classroom with a new NEXI GO Performance server. The NEXI GO Performance server is suitable for work in more demanding applications such as Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, TinkerCAD and Geogebra.

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NEXI GO Performance server

The NEXI GO Performance server delivers power, stores data, and runs applications for the NEO devices. The NEXI GO Performance server comes pre-installed with the Windows Server 2022 trial version and a pre-installed NEXI Board management console. Any technician with a basic knowledge of Windows OS can easily install the teaching applications.

NEXI GO Performance servers use high-quality components and therefore feature long service life and high reliability. Each NEXI GO Performance server undergoes a thorough stress test before being shipped to the customer.

NEXINEO supports connection to Windows domains and you can diagnose the domain before installation using the NEXI Domain Tester tool.

After purchasing the NEXI GO Performance server, the customer must purchase and activate Windows Server 2022 licences. The exact licence type is specified in the datasheet of each NEXI GO Performance server.

NEXINEO has many years of experience in designing and specifying NEXI GO servers for NEXINEO virtualized computer classrooms, which are currently used by hundreds of schools in Europe.

If you are interested in purchasing the entire NEXINEO ICT classroom, choose the NEXI GO ICT classroom for graphically undemanding applications, or the NEXI GO Performance for more graphically demanding applications.

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