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Instead of computer or laptop, each student has only a miniature NEO virtual desktop device on the monitor, which consumes 5 W and weighs 300 g. Power and data for the entire classroom is supplied by a central NEXI GO server the size of a conventional computer. The NEXINEO solution delivers up to 90% energy savings, 90% CO2 savings and 90% e-waste savings compared to conventional computers. Due to the long service life of NEO virtual desktop devices, their minimal failure rate and minimal management requirements, the NEXINEO system delivers high operational savings. Thanks to the NEXI Board management console, teachers can effectively manage the teaching process. NEXINEO is compatible with the Windows Server 2022 OS, ensuring a high level of compatibility and flexibility.

Cost savings

Save up to 75% of operating costs.

Eco-friendly solution

Save up to 90% of CO2 and e-waste.

Unique performance

Also suitable for graphically demanding applications such as Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, TinkerCAD, Geogebra and many others.

Healthier classrooms

Zero noise, no heat radiation, less dust and less electromagnetic radiation.

An overview of what is happening in your ICT classroom

Thanks to the special NEXI Board management console, the teacher can easily transfer their desktop to monitors of all students, view the desktops of all students on their monitor, or enter the desktop of any student.


You are working with the popular Microsoft Windows operating system.


Experienced team

NEXINEO solutions are widely deployed and successfully used by hundreds of schools across Europe. NEXINEO's team of experienced programmers and hardware specialists is constantly innovating and bringing premium solutions for virtualized computer classrooms to the market.

All components of the NEXINEO solution are selected with the highest quality in mind, guaranteeing a long service life and high reliability. Each NEXI GO server is tested before it is shipped to the customer to ensure flawless functionality and optimal performance in demanding school environments. This approach ensures that schools receive not only a technologically advanced, but also reliable solution.

Professional support

NEXINEO offers online customer support in English. The support includes comprehensive and intuitive NEXINEO system administration manuals that enable an IT technician with basic knowledge of the Windows Server OS to easily configure and efficiently manage the NEXINEO ICT classroom. This approach ensures that schools can take full advantage of all the features and benefits of NEXINEO with minimal need for external technical intervention.


Complete solution

The NEXI GO solution will suit you if you and your students are using graphically undemanding applications.

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NEXI GO Performance

Complete solution

The NEXI GO Performance solution is ideal if you and your students use more demanding applications such as Autodesk AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, TinkerCAD, or Geogebra.

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